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Morocco…I miss you!

In A Search of Balance

You have to live the experience that is Morocco. It’s hard to describe in words really, but there is something magical about that place. Despite the rocky start for many a tourist who ventures outside the well-lit path (which in my case included almost getting robbed and beaten up the first night), the country opens up and embraces you in its unforgettable atmosphere and culture. In the words of my friend Jawad, “Where you come from you might have watches, but here we’ve got time”!

And just like that, somewhere in between wandering around the local souks and haggling for trinkets, drinking the most incredible mint tea (also known as the Moroccan whiskey!) and tasting the flavorful local meals, or riding through the mighty Atlas mountains and sleeping under the stars in the Sahara, you fall in love with it.

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sahara nights

Morocco…my second home…gorgeous, awe-inspiring photos! WOW!

In A Search of Balance

(I highly encourage you to play the song before reading on, best part starts around 2nd minute)

What a night that was! After watching the sunset from atop a dune (see previous post on Sahara days), we literally rode our camels toward the rising orange full moon ahead of us. Unfortunately, it was impossible to take a photo of it while being shaken around the camel’s back, but it was so surreal that it almost felt like being in a movie. Very powerful moment.

Naturally, when we reached the camp I couldn’t resist to take some shots around the area. The light from the moon made it almost look like day time, as you can see below. Though not as bright as we were hoping, the stars were still incredibly crisp. We were lucky enough to be in the Sahara around the time of the Jupiter and Venus alignment, a…

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