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Living Vancouver Island

Blogging University 101: Introduce Yourself 

My name is Grace and I live on Vancouver Island, Canada. I want to start blogging to sort out some of the clutter in my mind! I have many topics in my head, but one of my main focuses will be on writing. I am wanting to connect with fellow writers and bloggers! I am currently writing a teen lit book. I might be secretive about my book. I find it scary to share stuff with the whole world online!

By blogging about my life I hope to clarify things for myself while also creating a space that could potentially help others. We all have challenges and it would be neat to connect with others going through similar struggles! Sometimes I feel alone fighting the fight, but I know so many are also going through the same things having their own ‘alone’ days!

I recently lost my Himalayan cat, Cocoa. I had to put her down last month. This was so difficult and the image (both the x-ray image and final moments I spent with my special kitty) at the pet hospital still cross my mind. My eyes well up with tears just thinking about it. I recently found out, at the same time as saying goodbye to my beloved Cocoa, my thyroid crashed and is no longer producing thyroid hormones. I have Graves’ disease and have treated this condition with a medication called Tapazole for 10 years. Now, my thyroid burnt itself out and I have the opposite condition. This has amplified the sadness surrounding the death of my darling Cocoa.

I see the endocrinologist on Monday so I will learn more about my thyroid then.

I should add I still have two lovely cats, Suki and Silvi! They aren’t near as chatty as Cocoa was, which is something I really miss! My husband would come home from work and Cocoa would ‘talk’ to him until he bent down, petted her and said “Hi Cocoa!” He would take off his shoes…meow meow meow, kiss me, take off his tie…meow meow meow, his shirt, then bend down and say hi to our fur child! She would then proceed to trot away happily after getting the hi and pet she had waited for all day! She was a Himalayan Manx so her tail looked like a rabbit tail and her hind legs were longer than her front! So the act of her trotting away happily was pretty cute! Here she is with her short summer coat!